Phase 3 // Story-Sharing Marketplace

Uber meets Yelp on a blind double date with Netflix and Kickstarter. A tool to network the resources required to share any kind of story, while maintaining integrity and a community relationship with invested audiences. Users create media content, digital experiences, and real-life connections.

Production flow between user groups.

Intended Features & Functionality

  • Multimedia bank

  • Tokens/Credits model

  • Bidding marketplace

  • Bookmarks, browsing settings

  • Cross-platform token use (with partners)

  • Languages and Closed Captions support

  • Sponsor content production

  • Open-source

  • API

    • cross-platform reputation system (with partners)

    • integrating content/service

    • partner site direct uploads

User Production Flow

  1. Idea. Client user pitches idea to network, offers optional bid and defines variables for participation.

  2. Network. A group of creative users is formed to generate content in real life; resources are acquired by an invested audience; plans are made.

  3. Produce. Content is captured and submitted to network for post-production, approval, and distribution.

Marketing & Demographics

  • "Take back the power of our stories!"

  • Corporate clients

  • Feature/showcase content

  • Games/contests to promote content

  • Campaigns to share community stories

Sustainability & Revenue

  • Production. Businesses and content distributors solicit location-based media from users around the world.

  • Licensing. Media licenses can be purchased for off-platform distribution, all participants retaining their rights.

  • Subscriptions. Third-party website embeds for community engagement, including user uploads, content map and filtered browsing.