2018-2020 // Community Bootstrap

Build community; 2018-2020.

Phase 2: Introduction

The third epoch of PRCPTION Travel ushered in the creation of a new network & digital community which gravitates around the collaborative production of authentic stories.

Perceptions.Live Prototype & Alpha

Realizing we needed a digital tool for networking the stories of the world ("compiling the human narrative," if you will), PRCPTION Travel started development on its platform, Perceptions.Live.



Media Theater

A precursor to the Perception Travel TV program, the PRCPTION Travel Media Theater is an alternative location to Perceptions.Live for browsing through the network's content in a more familiar manner.

User-Submitted Media

In the spirit of bootstrapping a crowdsourced network of positive & supporting stories, PRCPTION Travel encouraged its community members to submit their own external video footage in order for us to compile into a video that shares a proper story.