2017-2019 // Collaborative Ecosystems

Design & brainstorms, 2017-2018.

Phase 1: Introduction

The second period of PRCPTION Travel saw an increase in brainstorm collaboration in the form of designing a theoretical ecosystem for media production. Meanwhile, media production began to re-center itself around community-building objectives. Together, these two focal points would prompt Phase 2, our community bootstrap.

Designs & Brainstorms

Alongside a cross-continent expedition to explore the different manners in which groups of individuals come together in community--or the lack thereof--PRCPTION Travel connected remotely to piece together potential solutions to enable people to collaborate on sharing their stories.


  • Design mock-ups of a video storysharing app by Jordan Urbanovich
  • Mutual Credit & Mass Media animation video series scripts (discontinued)
  • Global brainstorms (Jordan Urbanovich, John Hanacek, John Scalia Jr, Sara Coisineau, Matt Terwall)
  • Theoretical crowdsourced cyclical system for creating media
    • Community Resource Pool
    • _liquid, _staked, _reputation tokens/keychain
    • Consensus, Community Maintenance
    • "Phasal" ecosystem of recyclying system energy (tokens)
  • PRCPTR0N-2020 White Paper Beta by Jordan Urbanovich and Matt Terwall


  • PRCPTR0N-2020 White Paper v420
  • Collaborative Media Social Network Mockups by Jordan Urbanovich
  • Mobile mockups by John Hanacek
  • PRCPTION Travel Headquarters design

Global Fieldwork Media

As designs and brainstorms progressed, PRCPTION Travel continued to produce its positivity media--this time with a focus on local communities and the lessons, techniques and knowledge they have to share with the rest of the world.