Zoom-out for the big picture.

2014 // Phase 0: Media Demonstrations

Focusing on real-life production of media and co-creative projects with different cultures, age groups, and skills. This fieldwork inspired digital networking aspirations and developed a foundation for a platform to be populated with pre-existing global content.

2017 // Phase 1: Collaborative Ecosystems

Brainstorming collaboration in the form of designing a theoretical ecosystem for media production. Meanwhile, media production began to re-center itself around community-building objectives. Together, these two focal points would prompt Phase 2, our community bootstrap.

2018 // Phase 2: Community Bootstrap

Ushering in the creation of a new network & digital community which gravitates around the collaborative production of authentic stories.
An API creating cross-platform support for partners requiring community-building media applications. Our intention is to clean up our software in order to install it affordably for our do-good partner organizations that need a similar service available to their communities.

2020+ // Phase 3: Story-Sharing Marketplace

Uber meets Yelp on a blind double date with Netflix and Kickstarter. A tool to network the resources required to share any kind of story, while maintaining integrity and a community relationship with invested audiences. Users create media content, digital experiences, and real-life connections.

2020+ // Phase 4: Decentralization

An interactive peer-to-peer media production and distribution platform on which users can create media content, digital experiences, and real-life connections.