Capturing Your Footage

Please follow this method for capturing your content.
The purpose of this guide is to organize your story & message in such a way that the resulting video is a quick, human, and quality piece of perception. We aim to use your submission to create a 3-minute video with these qualities, so we ask please organize your footage accordingly before submitting.

3-STEP Storytelling

In order to expedite the story-sharing process, we ask that you divide your story into the three following parts. This will help our editors understand what they are working with, as well as support your own clarification of the story you are trying to share.

Notes Before Recording

  1. 1.
    Focus first on following the directions to capture one primary clip of the principal character narrating the required elements of each step. Once these main clips are finished, you can focus on other visual elements that support the narration.
  2. 2.
    Be sure to create one narration clip per step.
  3. 3.
    Record yourself or the principal character plainly for each section. Keep the recording device not-too-far away from the speaker. If you have an external microphone or an extra smartphone to record the audio separately, please use it.
    If using an external device, don't forget to include those extra audio files when submitting your footage!
  4. 4.
    Don't forget that the more material (photos, video clips, visual documents) that you have of your story, the more it will enhance the narration. These extra elements may not always be captured right away, but be sure to include them if you got 'em!

STEP 1: Who? Where? When?

Introduce yourself as a relatable human being to the world. Goal: approx. 1 minute
REQUIRED: 40-60 seconds introductory audio/video.
Introduce yourself, or the organization, or both.
Where is the subject of your video/story located?
Mention the era or phase of your subject's story.
You may also include related photos and videos.

STEP 2: What's Up?

Present information to the world via your perspective. GOAL: 1 minute 30 seconds
REQUIRED: 60-90 seconds of information-packed content, including vocal explanations and visuals of "what's up."
What would you like to share? Explain, describe, present, or sell it to us. It can be anything! Some examples:
- your words, an opinion or testimony
- an activity or event
- a cause or mission that you support
Please include several photos and/or video clips of "what's up."

STEP 3: Call-to-Action

Engage the world with your passion! GOAL: 1 minute
REQUIRED: A conclusion and a call-to-action of some sort.
  • Why are you creating this video?
  • What should the audience come away with after watching?
  • How can the viewer participate?
Your words might inspire someone, so be mindful of how you present your message!
Once again, you are free to include more photos and videos to help tell your story.

Notes After Recording

  1. 1.
    Please watch over your footage after capturing and make sure you are happy with it!
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