This page explains what the Perceptions.Live platform is intended to accomplish.

What is the Perceptions.Live platform used for?

The Perceptions.Live platform is designed to enable anyone to explore other parts of the world and share stories from their own part of the world. It is the intention of the platform to employ its media to support the strengthening of both digital and offline communities.

Who uses Perceptions.Live?

Low-budget organizations, educators, charities, NGOs, small businesses focusing on enriching their local community, etc.

Anyone that is working to build community on a local or global scale is welcome to submit their project pitch and/or footage to the Perceptions.Live platform in order to get linked with a creative collaborator (i.e. video editor) to put together their PRCPTION and share their story.

Anyone with a camera with the inspiration to share a story.

No editing required--got a smartphone? You can participate. Got a nice DSLR camera? Even better.

Video editors, aspiring filmmakers, hobbyists.

Anyone who is interested, whether they have decades of professional experience or a few days of hobbyist enthusiasm is welcome to participate in sharing PRCPTIONs from around the world. The more video editors the network has, the stronger the network is.

Why should I participate?

There is lots of fear, terror, and acting on television and the mainstream (lame-stream) media, but there is not much broadcasting of the community experience. This creates a network of people happy to watch more videos.
How? There is no direct format or technique for this, but rather an intention: as filmmaker, you get the chance to share someone with the world as you see them. Is someone really cool and fun to be around? Does someone make you laugh? Not everyone has the chance to know that person like you do, so a PRCPTION Travel episode is a way to show that person to the world.
Who? Anyone. Seriously. Just make them look good and imagine someone watching the video and getting a laugh or smile out of it.
Where? Anywhere. There is no discrimination of religion, race, ideologies, nothing. It can even be fun to take someone you would normally disagree with and make them look good. As a filmmaker, you remain detached & objective.