How to make a donation to PRCPTION Travel, Inc, a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation.
PRCPTION Travel is a non-profit organization that is still in its early stages. As we work to develop a platform that will offer value and generate revenue, your financial assistance is deeply appreciated.

No matter which method you choose, we are happy to provide you a tax-compliant donation receipt, just e-mail us. Please include any transaction number or relevant information.

Payable to: PRCPTION Travel, Inc.
and sent to: 26893 Bouquet Cyn Rd. #C-431 // Saugus, CA 91350

Receiving Bank:
UMe Federal Credit Union // 3000 W. Magnolia Blvd. // Burbank, CA 91505
ABA/Routing Number: 3222-7413-2
Recipient: PRCPTION Travel, Inc.
Account Number: 52054

BTC Wallet: 1H2BmS3MewmbpUnDsXSkxpP52hh7T7M3oQ

ETH wallet: 0x24c6FAB63EFa188a0A82A8b398bdd2b55125f454

Please drop us a line and let us know which wallet to set-up :)
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