About PRCPTION Travel, Inc.

This page will explain where the organization comes from and what it sets out to accomplish.


To promote harmonious interaction in our globalizing world, we use smiling faces and real-life scenes to contrast the perspectives of and combat the effects of typical mainstream media that promote destructive tourism, unconscious consumerism, and a competition-based status quo.
Our purpose is to digitally connect all peoples of the world without bias, by offering media, opportunities, and inspiring stories that are focused on what all humans have in common: compassion, community, and connection.


PRCPTION Travel, Inc. works towards a world where creative community collaborations are commonplace; where individuals work together towards a common goal which results in greater prosperity for their community.
The long-term scope of PRCPTION Travel is to create a unique media device on its own decentralized network that connects global communities together, internally and globally. This device will be capable of media production, fundraising, social networking, and other capacities to network people around the world with their own creative projects.

Mission Statement

The purpose of PRCPTION Travel is to produce media, foster education, and innovate digital solutions as provisions for building community around the world. Toward this end, it will undertake the following activities:
  • Create digital media of people, cultures, and activities around the globe to share varying perspectives of human experience.
  • Initiate programs of music, art, video, and other mediums of creativity to promote the education of physical, emotional, and societal health, to encourage creative expression, and to empower people of all ages.
  • Produce & distribute audible, visual, digital, and textual works that disseminate media of community-building efforts.
  • Seek and apply for state, federal, and private funds available in support of the arts, media, news, community, communications, and more.
  • Advise organizations, institutions, and governments on matters concerning human connectivity in the realms of group cooperation, community events, media production, and digital solutions to issues.
  • Allocate public and/or private funds as appropriate to organizations, agencies, or individuals who can provide arts programs or products of high quality that are deemed beneficial to local and global communities.
  • Further the awareness of the importance of community in various arenas.
  • Circulate ideas, discussions, research, conferences, and analyses to enliven dialogues of potential future paradigms for humanity.
  • Develop diverse directories of communities, artists, farmers, entrepreneurs, venues, lands, alternative economies, services, etc. to compile into a digital service for connecting individuals, groups, communities, and regions to one another



A PRCPTION is a piece of media that builds awareness while ideally inspiring others to take action in some way, shape or form. It's also an acronym:
Perceiving Reality Creating Perspective Triggering Inspiration Observing Non-objectivity


When a network/platform is decentralized, it means that there is no owner in the traditional sense. There is no centralized management of the protocol. Code is open for anyone to see, and changes are made to the network/platform based on consensus of those using the protocol.
Examples: Bitcoin, BitTorrent
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